Food Safety

To consumers few things are more sacred than the confidence that the food they eat - and serve to families - is safe from harm. At LoPiccolo Bros. Produce that confidence is taken seriously.

Customers in the food service industry today are pressuring distributors to provide independent verification that the produce they purchase is safe to eat.

LoPiccolo Bros.Produce has undergone extensive HAACP & GMP (Good Management Practices) training in Manufacturing, Packaging, Distributing or handling human food by certified professionals.

Does your current produce vendor have a comprehensive food safety program, that is audited by a 3rd party inspector?

LoPiccolo is proud to have a "Superior Rating" from both Silliker and AIB.

We take pride in being able to ensure our customers that the products we distribute are food safe!
Incoming Goods & Inspection Program:
All of our deliveries go through an inspection program that is designed to record the receiving temperatures, carrier lot numbers, weights, grades and conditions of each lot received. LoPiccolo Bros. will reject any load that does not meet any USDA's "Good Delivery Standards".

Recall Program:
LoPiccolo Bros.Produce has a product recall program in place designed to recall any products that may have problems from the farm or from manufacturing. This program is tested internally every six months.

Vehicle Sanitation:
Our refrigerated delivery vehicles are all equipped with aluminum flooring to avoid any build up of bacteria which is often times seen in vehicles that have wood flooring. These trucks are sanitized weekly with our own power washing machine.

Food Safety Training (GMP's SSOP's):
All management at LoPiccolo Bros. Produce has gone through extensive training in Food Safety and HAACP Practices.

LoPiccolo Bros. Cleaning Practices:
LoPiccolo Bros. Produce has a written documented cleaning schedule for outside grounds, interior warehouse, building and equipment. We are equipped with an industrial sweeper and cleaner which is utilized on a nightly basis to keep our facility clean and safe.

Pest Control:
LoPiccolo Bros.Produce has established a formalized in-house pest control program that is monitored on a monthly basis by ORKIN. It is part of our food safety program to prevent food adulteration by pests, pest evidence, or pesticides.


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